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Mohammadreza Daftari

I was a journalist in Iran and now I am designing a website, marketing, SEO and content production. This is my personal site and I tell about my activities and stories.

Crossfit trainer

Phone : + 31-126-96-720
Birthdate : 25/03/1979
Email : daftary79@gmail.com




2022- 2022

stage Webdisgner and marketing

2021- Present


2008 - 2019
Activiteiten in Iran

Activity in most news media
Shareholder of advertising and public relations agency
Hold press conferences
Website design and managment
And ...


2002 - Azad univercity Tehran-Iran

Bachlor of  IT

2008 - Alamehtababaee Univercity

Master of comunication

2020 - Pharos Meierijstad -Nederland

Sleutelpersoon in gezondheid

2022 -Hightech campus Eindhoven -Nederlands


Others Certificat

SEO - Wordpres -Html & CSS -Photoshop -Indesign -Filip PDF - Social Media managment -PHP -Office 365 -...


Business Consoltant

5 years of business coaching
experience in startup accelerator

Web designer

More than 12 years of website design experience

SEO & Content manager

More than 20 years of content management experience

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I was born on March 25, 1979 in Tehran, the capital of Iran. I have been living in the Netherlands since 2019 and this is my personal website. I was a journalist in Iran and at the same time we established a public relations and advertising agency with my friends. For more than 14 years, the company had large customers such as LG, Samsung, Huawei, Turkish Airlines, Alpsin and large Iranian companies. We also provided marketing and media consulting to more than 100 startups in Iran. In the Netherlands I work in web design, marketing and SEO. I live with my wife and daughter and work hard. I can easily write a business plan according to the needs of the community, which of course I want to share on this website. In this website, I put my educational, work, etc.
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